Unraveling the Mystery: What Is a Beneficiary Defective Inheritance Trust

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Estate planning can be complex, especially when it comes to maximizing benefits and minimizing tax implications. Thankfully, you don’t need to know everything about trusts; that’s where I come in! One increasingly popular strategy is the Beneficiary Defective Inheritance Trust. I know that’s a mouthful, so we’ll just call it a “BDIT.” In this article, […]

Preparing for Divorce: How to Tell the Kids

She sat in my office, resolute that she wanted a divorce. He worked all the time, in fact extra time including nights and weekends. His workaholism left her and their three children alone to do all the school work, attend the kids’ sporting and school events, and even church.  Alone. When he was home, he […]

How to Leave Your Assets to YOUR People – Not Uncle Sam

So… this happens more often than you’d think. You make – or inherit – money. Then when you pass on, you assume (assuming is dangerous, by the way) that your estate is going to magically be divided exactly how you want it to be.  But – if you didn’t create an estate plan, there’s NO […]

Consider These Wealth Transfer Strategies in an Election Year

With a push by the Democratic party to return federal estate taxes to their historic norms, taxpayers need to act now before Congress passes legislation that could adversely impact their estates. Currently, the federal estate and gift tax exemption is set at $11.58 million per taxpayer. Assets included in a decedent’s estate that exceed the […]

Four Ways to Heal a Family and Elevate Your Legacy

Editor’s Note: This short article is Part 2 of a two-part series. At the end of this segment, you’ll find several really helpful, free tools to use right away – to help calm and resolve family conflicts over a loved one’s care, or disputes over a will or trust. I know you’ll love these valuable […]

How Family Conflict Can Make or Break Your Personal Legacy

Editor’s Note: This short article is Part 1 of a two-part series. At the end of Part 2 are several really helpful, free tools for you to use right away – to help calm and resolve family conflicts over a loved one’s care, or disputes over a will or trust. I invite you to click […]

9 Things Successful Clients Have Stopped Doing to Their Attorneys

You’ve had a rocky relationship with your [divorce/business/real estate/bankruptcy…you name it] attorney and, well…you got “fired”. Now you’re about to retain another lawyer who really has it together. You really like the new Attorney, but you’re white-knuckling it, hoping that this relationship will last. OK, let’s be real: You can’t keep doing the same messed-up […]

Why You Should Be Glad Your Lawyer Is On Vacation

Americans are chronically overworked and overstressed, more than ever. With all that non-stop work comes increased stress, depression, weight gain, cardiovascular problems and a decline in overall happiness. I’ve been practicing law for nearly 30 years. Over that time, one of the biggest personal challenges has been fighting “work-aholism.” Workaholism is a habit, a culture […]

Re-set Your Focus to Discover Your Future

It’s early Monday morning – this is a time I love. Spending time thinking about the week and where I’m going to focus my time. Mornings, especially Monday mornings are when I feel most hopeful and excited about the future. Do you get that Monday morning thrill? That might be hard to relate to – […]