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Join hosts Kelly and Rachael Bennett, experienced attorney/mediators, as they share actionable strategies and practical insights designed to conquer family law and estate planning issues, grow your business, and overcome the top lifestyle problems holding you back.

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Estate Planning

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Real Estate is NOT an Estate Plan! Part 1

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Real Estate is NOT an Estate Plan! Part 2

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Real Estate is NOT an Estate Plan! Part 3

Family Law

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How to Handle College Expenses in Divorce

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The Impact of Infidelity On Divorce Proceedings

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Child Support

Helpful Reading

Victim Is Not Your Name

Victim Is Not Your Name will help you move beyond suffering and give you a practical plan to help you lead a life of significance, joy and hopefulness.

As seen on…

As seen on…

Unexpected pain, trauma, abuse or betrayals can leave you feeling used up, exhausted and angry. In short, you may feel like a victim . . . of a wrongdoer, of circumstance, or both.

The good news is there’s a way out. Your zeal for life can get better – much better.

In Victim Is Not Your Name, you’ll discover a potent yet practical plan to move beyond suffering into a life of significance and hope.

Drawing on her 32+ years of working with people who’ve suffered life-altering circumstances, veteran trial attorney and mediator Kelly Bennett shares the secrets of those who’ve not only survived, but thrived and found their way back to their true selves.

Through real-world examples, engaging storytelling and candid discussion, Kelly guides you to recovery and healing. Armed with the tools in this book, you’ll be propelled forward to design the life you deserve.

You’ll learn:

How “Victim Habits” create roadblocks in your relationships and leave you feeling hopeless and helpless.

How “Victim Habits” hold you back and challenge everything you previously believed to be good and true.

How to leverage forgiveness to break free from “Victim Habits” and heal from the pain (and what forgiveness is not . . . ).

The six key strategies to effectively disrupt “Victim Habits” so you can win the battle and get back to an empowered, intention-driven life you love.