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Re-set Your Focus to Discover Your Future

It’s early Monday morning – this is a time I love. Spending time thinking about the week and where I’m going to focus my time. Mornings, especially Monday mornings are when I feel most hopeful and excited about the future.

Do you get that Monday morning thrill? That might be hard to relate to – especially if you’re going through some tough challenges right now. I get it. I’ve been there, done that (and still catch myself doing it from time to time). It’s part of the human condition, but fortunately, it’s not permanent.

Are you in a place of feeling “stuck” and unfulfilled? Feel like your life is “on hold”? If the challenges seem all-consuming, here’s a new challenge worth adding to the mix: Change your focus and change your life. Oh yes, it’s a very powerful idea (no“rah-rah” hype here). And it works – it’s a life principle.

Over the years, I’ve learned how powerful the connection is between focus and results. The truism that “You get what you focus on…” is real. I remember my Sunday school lessons and verses “Seek me and you will find me. Knock and the door will be opened to you.” Those lessons displayed the power of focus, applied to finding a spiritual relationship with the Creator. This is one of many examples of the power of focus.

What are you focusing on today?

Are you getting the results you desire? I work with a lot of people walking through really difficult times. Marriages breaking up, businesses failing, families with sick or drug addicted members. People spend a lot of time “paralyzed” by the conflict. They spend their mental and physical energy focusing on the hurt and the pain of it all. Sometimes retribution is the focus, and maintaining the anger becomes a full-time job.

When we live in that space of anger, betrayal, fear and upset, it’s hard to feel anything but “stuck.” But what about the future…do you have one? Yes, you do. It’s simply waiting for you and it’s been there all along.

Are you listening for it? Are you looking for it? Be quiet for a moment. As a result, your focus will shift away from the worry, the blame, the sorrows of the past.

Quiet your mind, and you’ll begin to hear it. That whisper in your ear. That tap, tap, tap on your shoulder. It’s your Future calling.

Only you can’t see it, because you’ve got your back turned to it. It’s standing behind you. It’s there with an armload of beautiful gifts – yours for the taking. But the gifts are out of reach as long as you’ve got your back to them.

Are you focused on things of the past, on things you cannot control?

That focus keeps you facing backward, instead of facing forward to your Future. You’re missing out and giving yourself to that which you cannot change, nor control. It’s energy wasted instead of investing in your Future. Tap, tap, tap – she’s there waiting, whispering in your ear, “please turn and look at me…”.

All it takes is a decision. A decision to turn around, and focus on that Future. Turn away from the past, stop giving your attention to that which should be forgiven, forgotten or simply let go. Are you ready?

Take a step, turn around, face forward and focus. Do you see it? The greater your focus, the bigger your Future. Therefore, there’s simply no room for the unproductive past when your Future has your full attention.
Look at it. Really embrace it. You’ll start to see it unfold – a great big, beautiful adventure, just waiting for you. You’ve got a bright Future there, full of hope and promise, revealing itself as you give it your laser-like attention. Congratulations, your new journey has begun!