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Navigating A Solo Valentine’s Day After Divorce 

You’re in the middle of a divorce and you haven’t been alone on Valentine’s Day for years. And frankly you’re dreading it. Does it really need to be that way? The answer is NO! It’s all about the meaning you give the holiday (and taking some bold steps to redefine it). 
Valentine’s can be a challenging time for anyone navigating the aftermath of a divorce. The heart-shaped decorations and lovey-dovey atmosphere – if you are defining the holiday as a “twosome” –  can intensify feelings of loneliness and nostalgia. But what if you decide to redefine Valentine’s Day – and make it all about a brand new opportunity for granting yourself a warm hug and self-encouragement.  
Suddenly those red and pink decorations, beautiful boxes of chocolates and flowers take on a whole new meaning – it’s a time to remember how loved you are in this world. So forget about the blues – let’s turn V-Day on its head and transform it into a celebration of all that’s GOOD in your life. Here’s how: 

  1. Take Time to Reflect on Your WINS. A great new ritual awaits you. We like to do this weekly – but Valentine’s Day is a great catalyst for a new habit.  
    Order yourself a favorite meal, pour yourself a gorgeous glass of wine and put on favorite relaxing music. Pull out your calendars and journals. Look at all the things over the last 3 to 6 months that you feel good about. Everything – big or small. Then make a list…write it down. These are your WINS.  
    This exercise is the encouragement you need right now – to sail through the rest of your divorce in the most productive way possible.  
  2. Surround Yourself with Positivity. Spend some time during Valentine’s Day week celebrating with supportive friends and family. Engaging in positive activities and surrounding yourself with people who uplift and encourage you can help create a more joyful and supportive environment.  

  3. Treat Yourself (Big Time). Indulge in self-care by treating yourself to something special. Whether it’s a spa day, a favorite meal, or a weekend getaway, investing in your well-being can be a powerful way to show yourself love and appreciation. 
  4. Practice Gratitude. Doing the WINS ritual in #1 above makes a gratitude practice a piece of cake. This is about shifting your focus from what you may have lost to what you’ve gained. Practice gratitude by acknowledging the positive aspects of your life, whether it’s your personal growth, newfound independence, or the opportunity to pursue your passions and interests. 
  5. Spread the Love Through Kindness and Service. The fast track to a mind-shift about Valentine’s Day is serving others. Spread love by performing acts of kindness for others. Whether it’s volunteering at a local charity or surprising a friend with a thoughtful gesture, contributing positively to the lives of others is incredibly fulfilling. 

Enjoy a week of love and self-care, Valentine.