Preparing for Divorce: How to Tell the Kids

She sat in my office, resolute that she wanted a divorce. He worked all the time, in fact extra time including nights and weekends. His workaholism left her and their three children alone to do all the school work, attend the kids’ sporting and school events, and even church.  Alone. When he was home, he […]

Facing Your Abusive Spouse in Your Divorce

I’ll be frank – divorce cases that involve any form of abuse are rough. When you have been experiencing the silent pain of abuse in your marriage – whether it be physical, emotional, verbal, or financial – you will be tasked with some unique challenges. Conflicting emotions can arise as you process the normal feelings […]

Are You Spying on Your Ex? Don’t Be An Idiot

It happens. All the time. The client in the throes of divorce or separation – sitting in our law offices, growing more indignant by the minute… “…AND she’s actually planning on getting a RESTRAINING ORDER against me!  LOOK AT THIS! Can you believe this crap???!” He shoves an email across the table. It’s an exchange […]

9 Things Successful Clients Have Stopped Doing to Their Attorneys

You’ve had a rocky relationship with your [divorce/business/real estate/bankruptcy…you name it] attorney and, well…you got “fired”. Now you’re about to retain another lawyer who really has it together. You really like the new Attorney, but you’re white-knuckling it, hoping that this relationship will last. OK, let’s be real: You can’t keep doing the same messed-up […]

Why You Should Be Glad Your Lawyer Is On Vacation

Americans are chronically overworked and overstressed, more than ever. With all that non-stop work comes increased stress, depression, weight gain, cardiovascular problems and a decline in overall happiness. I’ve been practicing law for nearly 30 years. Over that time, one of the biggest personal challenges has been fighting “work-aholism.” Workaholism is a habit, a culture […]

Preparing for Divorce: Assemble Your Ultimate Divorce Team

Have you ever noticed that the most successful people, who do challenging work, are surrounded by a carefully selected team of people? Same thing goes for people who overcome significant hardships – rarely do those folks conquer hardships alone. Think of the wildly successful professionals, like a brain surgeon. She didn’t get to the top […]

What is Paternity (Parentage)?

It sometimes happens that the parentage of a child is legally unsettled. This usually happens when the parents of a child are unmarried at the time the child is conceived or born. If the parents are married when a child is born, the husband is legally presumed to be the father. But for unmarried parents, […]

Facebook Fiasco

Contemplating divorce? Separated, or divorced with a “challenging” ex-spouse? If you’re a Facebook junkie, carefully consider the content of your FB page! Face book is regularly used these days by divorce lawyers (including yours truly). It’s amazing to us in the legal world how much unflattering (and potentially damaging) “stuff” people post on their FB […]