My Top 10 Quotes on Life After Divorce

The biggest fear most divorcing people have is that of their future. The picture is often unclear and self-doubt creeps in…giving way to fear.  Life after divorce is what you decide it will be. Here are some of my favorite quotes on this subject. Focus on these to change your perspective. 10. “You don’t need […]

9 Things Successful Clients Have Stopped Doing to Their Attorneys

You’ve had a rocky relationship with your [divorce/business/real estate/bankruptcy…you name it] attorney and, well…you got “fired”. Now you’re about to retain another lawyer who really has it together. You really like the new Attorney, but you’re white-knuckling it, hoping that this relationship will last. OK, let’s be real: You can’t keep doing the same messed-up […]

Why You Should Be Glad Your Lawyer Is On Vacation

Americans are chronically overworked and overstressed, more than ever. With all that non-stop work comes increased stress, depression, weight gain, cardiovascular problems and a decline in overall happiness. I’ve been practicing law for nearly 30 years. Over that time, one of the biggest personal challenges has been fighting “work-aholism.” Workaholism is a habit, a culture […]

Preparing for Divorce: Assemble Your Ultimate Divorce Team

Have you ever noticed that the most successful people, who do challenging work, are surrounded by a carefully selected team of people? Same thing goes for people who overcome significant hardships – rarely do those folks conquer hardships alone. Think of the wildly successful professionals, like a brain surgeon. She didn’t get to the top […]

The Not-So-Sweet Revenge of the Mob, James Bond and the Busybody

From time to time, as matrimonial lawyers, we see amusing things. One of those is watching the sometimes funny, sometimes not, methods of “gotcha” that ex-spouses employ against one another through the divorce and child custody processes. You know those little “zingers” people fire off in an effort to one-up each other? Those shallow pursuits […]