Navigating A Solo Valentine’s Day After Divorce 

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You’re in the middle of a divorce and you haven’t been alone on Valentine’s Day for years. And frankly you’re dreading it. Does it really need to be that way? The answer is NO! It’s all about the meaning you give the holiday (and taking some bold steps to redefine it).  Valentine’s can be a challenging […]

Preparing for Divorce: How to Tell the Kids

She sat in my office, resolute that she wanted a divorce. He worked all the time, in fact extra time including nights and weekends. His workaholism left her and their three children alone to do all the school work, attend the kids’ sporting and school events, and even church.  Alone. When he was home, he […]

A Family Business Conundrum

Putting your children in charge of your business isn’t always blue skies and sunny days. But what do you do when they want to run it all – or not at all? I’d like to share a story with you; the story of Jim and Jan. By the way, we’ve changed the names and some […]

Facing Your Abusive Spouse in Your Divorce

I’ll be frank – divorce cases that involve any form of abuse are rough. When you have been experiencing the silent pain of abuse in your marriage – whether it be physical, emotional, verbal, or financial – you will be tasked with some unique challenges. Conflicting emotions can arise as you process the normal feelings […]

Transitions: From Darkness Into Light

Transitions Series, Installment 1 of 3   In this mini-series, we’re looking at the idea of change… how to embrace it, how to respond to it, how to run with it. FROM DARKNESS INTO LIGHT Have you ever felt like you needed a lawyer, or at least some form of legal advice, legal guidance? Every […]

Are You Spying on Your Ex? Don’t Be An Idiot

It happens. All the time. The client in the throes of divorce or separation – sitting in our law offices, growing more indignant by the minute… “…AND she’s actually planning on getting a RESTRAINING ORDER against me!  LOOK AT THIS! Can you believe this crap???!” He shoves an email across the table. It’s an exchange […]

Letting Go of Your House in Divorce: Embracing A New Normal

“I must have the house in this divorce…” she said. As I met with this sad, 40-Something client, discussing what was most important to her in her divorce case, she tearfully kept circling back to the marital home. “I have to have the house. After all, my kids grew up there and I poured my […]

My Top 10 Quotes on Life After Divorce

The biggest fear most divorcing people have is that of their future. The picture is often unclear and self-doubt creeps in…giving way to fear.  Life after divorce is what you decide it will be. Here are some of my favorite quotes on this subject. Focus on these to change your perspective. 10. “You don’t need […]

9 Things Successful Clients Have Stopped Doing to Their Attorneys

You’ve had a rocky relationship with your [divorce/business/real estate/bankruptcy…you name it] attorney and, well…you got “fired”. Now you’re about to retain another lawyer who really has it together. You really like the new Attorney, but you’re white-knuckling it, hoping that this relationship will last. OK, let’s be real: You can’t keep doing the same messed-up […]