Re-set Your Focus to Discover Your Future

It’s early Monday morning – this is a time I love. Spending time thinking about the week and where I’m going to focus my time. Mornings, especially Monday mornings are when I feel most hopeful and excited about the future. Do you get that Monday morning thrill? That might be hard to relate to – […]

The Not-So-Sweet Revenge of the Mob, James Bond and the Busybody

From time to time, as matrimonial lawyers, we see amusing things. One of those is watching the sometimes funny, sometimes not, methods of “gotcha” that ex-spouses employ against one another through the divorce and child custody processes. You know those little “zingers” people fire off in an effort to one-up each other? Those shallow pursuits […]

Facebook Fiasco

Contemplating divorce? Separated, or divorced with a “challenging” ex-spouse? If you’re a Facebook junkie, carefully consider the content of your FB page! Face book is regularly used these days by divorce lawyers (including yours truly). It’s amazing to us in the legal world how much unflattering (and potentially damaging) “stuff” people post on their FB […]